Indigenous Australian Excursion

On the 15th of August 2016 we went to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.  First we went to this open land where we talked about Indigenous Australians.  Then we went down to the river to talk about special plants called Indigenous plants that only grow in Australia.  Next we went up the hill and did some painting, but we had to make the paint with a rock, a bottle of water and a coloured rock.  You smashed the coloured rock with the bigger rock and the the dust went onto a huge rock so you could mix water in to make a paint.  This is how Indigenous Australians used to make their paint.

After that we went on a bus to Federation Square and walked from there with an Indigenous Australian to the Yarra River and talked about what it used to be like.  It used to be very bushy with lots of long native grasses.  The river used to be much wider and there was a waterfall where the Aquarium is now.  The news got passed on from the parents so this is how he knew what it used to be like.

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  1. Hi Orion,
    I like your blog post on the excursion.
    What was the best part that you liked Doing?
    From Leonardo.

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