Aireys Inlet

On the 28 of September I went to Aireys Inlet for the day, it is a two hour drive.  When we got there we went to the beach. When we where on the beach we collected sticks for a fire then we went to a bushy area where there were fire pits and we cooked sausages that we had brought with us and ate them. After that we made some damper and then we cooked it, it was very tasty. On the way home we went to the Great Ocean Road chocolate factory and bought some chocolate and got an ice-cream while we were there.  It was a great day.

car system

How Does the Car System Work ?


This is how the car system works fuel turns into wheel turn.


First the fuel explodes which makes gears turn which makes the wheels turn.


In new manual cars when you put the clutch on you will not roll away or your engine will not turn off because of this gears turn which make it happen.


When you change gears dog gears move which make you go faster or slower.
So that is how the car system works

Indigenous Australian Excursion

On the 15th of August 2016 we went to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.  First we went to this open land where we talked about Indigenous Australians.  Then we went down to the river to talk about special plants called Indigenous plants that only grow in Australia.  Next we went up the hill and did some painting, but we had to make the paint with a rock, a bottle of water and a coloured rock.  You smashed the coloured rock with the bigger rock and the the dust went onto a huge rock so you could mix water in to make a paint.  This is how Indigenous Australians used to make their paint.

After that we went on a bus to Federation Square and walked from there with an Indigenous Australian to the Yarra River and talked about what it used to be like.  It used to be very bushy with lots of long native grasses.  The river used to be much wider and there was a waterfall where the Aquarium is now.  The news got passed on from the parents so this is how he knew what it used to be like.

digestive system incursion

Today we went to an incursion about the digestive system.


First Sally gave us a bear lolie and then sally said try to notice what is happening in your mouth.then we had a talk about the mouth.After that we played this game called peristalsis and this is how it worked.So you had a stocking and you hat to push the ball through the stocking the first team to finish got a lolie bear.


Then we had a talk about the stomach and the small intestine.then we did this activity about this piece of bread and a snaplock bag and we did an activity through the digestive system.after that we had a talk about the large intestine. Then everyone got to have a touch of a ox’s tongue and a pig’s stomach with gloves on but i didn’t want to.